What Your Brand Colors Says About Your Business

Color is a powerful branding tool.  It’s one of the main brand attributes that creates a memorable impact for your target audience.

One of the key elements to building a strong brand is the color selection. Choose at least 2 main colors that represent your brand. Once you select your brand colors, use them consistently in all of your branding materials.  Before I start a design project for my clients, the first thing I require is at least 2 main colors and the message they will like to share with their audience. Color plays a huge role in building your brand online and offline.

Choosing your color palette:

  • Choosing colors that are close to each other on the color wheel usually match well and gives a more comfortable, serene look.
  • Choose colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel for a high energy, vibrant look.


Below is an infographic with examples of colors in branding and how they represent a brand’s personality. 

Color Emotion Guide

Infographic added by Matt_Siltala via Visually.


What color is your brand? Every color has a different feel and association. What color is your brand? Here is a video by William Arruda

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