Spring Clean Your Online Business In a Snap

Spring is in the air!

Now, that the flowers are blooming and depending on where you are located in the world, the weather is getting warmer. Springtime is perfect timing to refocus, refresh, and renew as we approach the 2nd quarter of the year. Be gone winter blahs and hello Springtime!

Did you get a lot accomplish the 1st quarter of the year? I sure did. But, when we are on our daily grind, keeping things organized can get a bit overwhelming.¬†You know, stuff like, outdated systems, email inbox nightmare, and even those handy sticky notes just sitting there waiting to be tossed. ūüôā

Set aside some time to pump new life into your online business and take the energy of Springtime to make your work area clean, refreshing, and efficient spaces.

Here are a few tips to help  Spring Clean Your Online Business In A Snap.

Clear Out The Clutter

Have you ever got to a point where you can not find things due to stuff cluttering up your office space.  You know, the stuff like new programs and gadgets you purchased with the hopes to someday use but never get around to it, outdated appointment books, sticky notes that you no longer need, training notes, etc. It is time to do a clean sweep. Chunk out all of the old paper, sticky notes, and to do list that no longer add value to your business.  Get rid of the old systems and tactics that is no longer working for you.  The goal will be to set everything in place so that you can quickly and easily find the things you need.  Spring cleaning your online business will help you save time and be more focused and productive.

Although I love to keep journals and note pads to write things down, I always keep a filing system for paper and receipts.  One way to simplify and use less paper, use digital tools and storage spaces such as Evernote and Dropbox.

Organize Your Email Inbox

Is your email inbox overflowing out of control and seems to have no end? ¬†You might be saying to yourself, I will get to it one day, or maybe I will just let it sit there to collect dust. ¬†If you are currently experiencing this, it may be a good idea to unsubscribe to the accounts that no longer serves you. Take a few minutes a day and start deleting unused old files. I did a clean sweep and unsubscribed a lot of emails and information that were no longer useful. There are a few people in my industry that I follow and are glad to support them because of the value they provide. Eliminate all of the unnecessary emails. Find the people and mentors that you choose to follow then subscribe to their list. This will help keep down the overwhelm and put an end to the email inbox nightmare. ūüôā

Another thing I did to help me get better organized with my inbox was setup several email accounts. ¬†For example, I created 4 separate accounts with a specific purpose: personal, business, social media, and account for mentors & resources I’m subscribe to. ¬†This way I prioritize the emails I will check first and on certain days. Whatever works best for you, just find a system that will help you save time. ¬†Focus your business energy on being a strategic entrepreneur.

Freshen Up Your Website & Brand

Springtime is a great time to spruce things up and get a fresh look.  Freshen up your website and social media profiles. Switch things around and change up your look so that you can give your clients and customers a fresh new experience and for the opportunity to get new business.

Brands grow and change over time.  To give your brand a good dusting off this season, consider the following:

  • Check for broken links on your website
  • Freshen up your social media profiles
  • Jazz up your color scheme and photos

Start That New Idea You’ve Been Talking About

When I think of Springtime, I think of new start and beginnings. ¬†Start that new business, new side hustle…. ¬†the only way to get it going is to start.

This is also the perfect time to implement a new way of doing things in you online business.  This may include getting a new marketing strategy.  If you are still trying old marketing tactics and have not been getting the results you want, this may be a perfect time to tweak your marketing plan.


Jumpstart Your Business, Blog, Brand

Online Business Starter Kit¬†is perfect for the new business owner who is just getting started…. launching a business, blog, or brand. A step-by-step guide to help build a solid foundation and to bring your idea to life.

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