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As a business strategist, I am passionate about helping ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and small business owners create successful online business(es), passive income streams, and IMPACT in a world you desire.


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List Building: 5 Types Of Freebie Offers

Your email list is one of your best business assets. The key to building your list of targeted leads and potential customers/clients is to offer Free valuable information that serves your audience. An easy way to build relationships and interest in your business. Learn 5 Types Of Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Create To Attract More Leads And Make More Money!

4 FREE “TO-DO” WORKSHEETS: Master List, Monthly List, Weekly List, Daily List

To make the most of planning our time, we need a way to keep organized and to know exactly what to do and accomplish each day. Having To-Do list will enable you to plan your day more effectively and the action steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

FREE WORKBOOK: How To Discover Your Purpose

So many people go through their entire life trying to figure out what they should be doing on this Earth. They find themselves stuck doing work they do not enjoy day after day.
Discover Your Strengths And Share Your Gifts & Talents With The World.  Learn how to get clear about your purpose.

Target Market & Ideal Client Checklist

Trust me on this one, your target market is not everybody. Target Market are a group of people that you aim for that is already using or consuming the products/services that you are selling or promoting. In this Audio Series, you learn How To Define Your Target Market. When creating a business that you love, having Ideal Clients to work with are also important. Download your free Ideal Client Checklist.

Online Business StartUp Checklist

Getting Started…. Are you wanting to build a business online but not sure where to begin? It can be an overwhelming experience trying to figure out the exact steps to take when getting started and the How-To’s of running your business online. So, I put together a Quick Start Checklist to guide you through the foundational StartUp process.

10 Ways To JumpStart Your Weightloss

Start losing weight the smart way…. Maintaining an active lifestyle and regular physical activity keeps us in shape so you can enjoy leisure activities. Also, helps to improve our overall health. In this workbook, I share 10 ways to jumpstart your weightloss.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Have you accomplished any of your goals this year? Whether you’re trying to accomplish personal or business goals, a life of accomplishment begins with setting goals. People set goals ranging from “loosing weight” to “starting a business”. Set goals, then crush them!