Places To Find Your Ideal Clients

You’ve started a new business or perhaps you’ve been in business for a few years and you are wanting to sell more of your products and services.  You will like to get your message out in large numbers and inexpensively.

At this point, you are very clear on your ideal client and the next question is… “Where can I find clients”?

If you are not sure of your ideal client, here’s an article on  How to Define Your Ideal Client.

Social media is a very hot trend right now and is certainly one off my favorite tools to network and build relationships with people around the world.  But, there are other no-cost to low-cost ways to find ideal clients.  You don’t necessarily have to use Facebook and Twitter as your only source to find your ideal clients.  Implement online and offline strategies to build your business.

So, where are some places to find your ideal clients.

Social Media

Let’s start with social media…. You know the big guys such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, which is where your ideal clients may be hanging out everyday.

Social media is a tool to use to build relationships with your ideal prospects online.  I know that you are very excited about your products and services eager to make a sale, but be careful not to use social media for 100% of your marketing message.  This is a huge turn off.  (Trust me, I use to do this until I learned how to effectively use social media).  You have to first build the know, like and trust factor. Lead with value of helpful tips and information to solve problems.  You want to lead your ideal prospects away from social media back to your website or your offer.  This is where all of the magic happens -your sales.  Your ideal clients will be attracted to you due to the value that you have provided them even before they decides to do business with you.   Example: use the 80/20 rule.  80% value – 20% promotions.

LinkedIn Groups

Since LinkedIn is a more professional network, I search there first for my ideal clients. This is a place to attract like minded individuals. Join groups on Linkedin that is relevant to the service that you provide and the groups that your ideal clients would be a part of.  Look for ways to provide value. Your profile should list what you do and who you serve with links back to your website or a call to action.


Search for keywords of your target market.  Join the conversations. Give advice and solutions to problems.

Now, let’s get into some offline techniques to find your ideal clients.

This is another great way to find your ideal clients.  Search by topic and your zipcode.  There are tons of groups to join that is listed near or in your local area.  I like to join active groups who has events going on at least once a month.  Network with people in your local area.  If someone you meet is not currently looking to work with you, leave your information for referrals. Don’t forget to have your business cards handy.

Attend Networking  Live Events

I love live events.  My calendar includes at least 2 live events a year and I schedule to attend local networking events at least once a month.  It is very important to network with other like minded people to grow your knowledge base and also grow your network that could eventually lead to your ideal clients.

Local Chamber of Commerce

The local chamber of commerce is also a great way to find your ideal clients.  Search the calendar of events that your ideal clients most likely would attend. Meet other small business owners in a variety of industries. Again, make sure that your business cards are handy or your cellphone ready to add your new contacts right there on the spot.

Ask Your Current Clients For Referrals

Word of mouth is a great way to get new clients.  Your existing clients has already experienced the work you provided to them and this makes it easier for them to give you a good recommendation.  Offer incentives or coupons to your existing clients for referrals.

These are just a few ideas.  Share some other places to find ideal clients?   Leave your comments below.

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