28 Day Love YourSelf Challenge

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28 Day Love Yourself Challenge

February is the shortest month of the year and also known as the Love month. 💕💕

Sometimes in our busy lives, we may get so consumed with daily to-do’s and objectives of others till we forget to take care of ourselves. So, for the next 28 days, here are tips to help increase our self love and happiness. Because, in order to be of good service to someone else, we must first love and take care of ourselves.

This challenge is not just for people in relationships,,,, but applies to everyone. 28 days of quotes and inspiration to help you take more time to Love Yourself….  mind, body, and spirit. ★*¨*•*☼  A recipe for Living A Happier Life!

You are F.L.Y. = First Love Yourself from the inside-0ut

Day 1: Write down: “Dear ____… you are beautiful, you are unique, you are worthy, you are awesome!

Day 2: I appreciate all the beauty that who I am makes me. Self love is the best medicine.

Day 3: Write down 5 things you love about yourself.

Day 4: Don’t compare yourself to others. Start loving yourself for everything that you are, not for what you think you aren’t.

Day 5: Always Forgive, and let it go. Love yourself enough to remove yourself from anything you know isn’t good for you.

Day 6: Stay motivated: Read a quote that motivates, inspires, and uplift you up. Speak it out loud.

Day 7: Spread the love. Give at least 3 people a compliment today. Random acts of kindness.

Day 8: Write down ONE power word that describes you.

Day 9: The most important thing you can wear is Confidence. Self Confidence is the Best Outfit. Rock it…and Own It!

Day 10: You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

Day 11: Do more of the things that makes you happy.

Day 12: Note to self: Say YES to your dreams.

Day 13: Believe in yourself.  You never know who you’re Inspiring.

Day 14: Valentines Day – Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Remember that you are a complete and whole human being. So, don’t change to make someone love you, be yourself and the right person will be attracted to you. 💕

Day 15: Write a Love note to your past self.

Day 16: Write a Love note to your future self.

Day 17: It’s Friday….  TGIF – Thank God I’m Fabulous!

Day 18: Live a healthy lifestyle. Loving yourself is taking care of yourself.

Day 19: Give Thanks For All Your Blessings

Day 20: Be kind to others without sacrificing your own needs

Day 21: Take a moment to read something that feeds and fuel your soul.

Day 22: Reward yourself for being Fantastic!

Day 23: I am unique…. I will not criticize myself or others.

Day 24: Celebrate your past accomplishments.

Day 25: Get to know who you really are….  spend a few minutes alone.

Day 26: Say this in the mirror: “I take total responsibility for my life”.

Day 27: “You’ve changed”….  “I know thanks”. Then smile 🙂

Day 28: Write down how this 28 Day Love Challenge made you feel and how you’ve changed.


Love your life, your body, your mind, and all the little quirks in between. Love Yourself!!!

28 Day “Love Yourself Challenge” Workbook


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