How To Use Niche Marketing To Promote Your Products/Services

How To Use Niche Marketing To Promote Your Products and Services

When working with my clients, the first thing I do is help them get a clear picture of who it is they are marketing to.  One of the biggest mistakes is to try to sell to all audiences. To be successful with online marketing, you can not be all things to all people.  The better you understand your target audience the better your marketing efforts will be.  It is easier to target a small niche market than a large competitive market.  Using niche marketing to target, communicate and promote your products and services can help you get greater results.


What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is one of the most used phrases in online marketing today.  A niche market is a focused, target market who is interested in a particular subject.  In other words, selling your products or services to a specific group of people.  A niche market allows you to define who you are marketing to.

Tip #1

If you are just starting with online marketing, using a blog to promote your products in niche markets will get you quicker and easier results.  You can use your blogging platform to provide value to your niche market and helpful information.  Finding a niche market is extremely important for communication purposes.  When you know who you are specifically speaking to through your blog, it will be a lot easier to provide a solution to their problems.

Tip #2

Finding a niche online is not only smart but necessary.  By finding a specific group of people to cater to, not only will your job be easier but you will have the potential of making more money.  If you target a specific niche market, then you will become an expert in what that market wants.  You will know what problems they have, what solutions they are looking for and what products can best provide the solutions to their problems.


Here are a few ways to ensure your niche has money-making potential.

  • Perform a thorough keyword analysis to determine whether or not it is a profitable niche.  Do some keyword research to see what people are looking for. Use a keyword research tool.  I recommend Google Keyword Tool to find out how many times a particular keyword was entered into a search engine. Keywords online are a great indicator for the profitability of a niche because you can learn exactly what your market is looking for.
  • Visit  Amazon is a great source for finding niche markets. There are books on just about any topic under the sun. Have a look through the different categories.  It is also worth looking through the customer reviews.
  • Visit – Ezine Articles, like Amazon, is a great place for niche market research. There are article categories on a large number of topics and niche markets.

Not only will this give you a good idea about available niches, but also help you see what products and services are being promoted within those niches.

Once you have identified your niche market and developed strategies for marketing to it, you can serve the specific set of needs you think you can reach with products and services tailored for their needs.

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