Online Business Startup Checklist


So, you’ve decided to start an online business.  Now, you’re probably wondering -“What’s next?”

The very first thing you will want to do is lay out the foundation for your online business success.

It can be an overwhelming experience trying to figure out the exact steps to take when getting started and the How-To’s of running your business online.  So, I put together a checklist to guide you through the startup process.  In this checklist, I list the exact steps you need to take when building the foundation of your online business.  Grab your free copy of Online Business Startup Checklist.

Before you start creating your website, there are several things you will need to do first, and that is planning.  The planning part of the business can seem a bit boring especially when you may be eagar to setup your cool website and to start make money.  I know exactly how you are feeling because I’ve been down that same road.  In fact, all entrepreneurs go through the same phases in their online business.

The first phase of building an online empire is…

“Getting Started Phase”.

-Write a business plan.

Not sure how to get a business plan started?  In this checklist, I list 9 questions to help you map out your business plan Fast!  Those questions will help you get more clarity on what kind of business you want to start, what problem are you going to solve, who is your target market and what products and services you offer.

Also, in this online business startup checklist, you will get great tips to help get started online from domain registration to website customization.

Grab your free copy of the online business startup checklist so that you can be well on your way to building a business that you love.

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