Bonita White: Wealth Strategist -How To Get Your Credit Straight & Increase Your Financial IQ [PODCAST]

Bonita White -Increase Your Financial IQ

The Erica Mathews Show:
How to increase your financial IQ, get your credit straight, and ways to keep your hard earned money… with wealth strategist Bonita White.

Today on The Erica Mathews Show, I had the pleasure to interview Bonita White.
She is a wealth strategist and finance coach. She specialize in financial education.

Show Notes.

On the show we discussed…

The topic of today’s show: How to increase your financial IQ, get your credit straight, and ways to keep your hard earned money.

Bonita shared tips on these topics:

  • Why having good credit is important. (credit determines everything)
  • She explained the difference between good debt & bad debt.
  • The factors that affect your credit score.
  • Why getting out of debt is important.
  • Ways to reduce your taxes. (the tax laws in the US was designed to favor business owners)

3 Ways to earn legal income in the United States

  1. W2 wage earner -(People that has a job. Pays the highest percentage of taxes. Taxes taken directly out of the employee paycheck)
  2. 1099 (Business owner. Claim and subtract certain business expenses from yearly earnings at the end of the year. Also called tax write offs.)
  3. Investor (let their money work for them….  such as stocks, real estate, capital gain & dividends. Pays the lowest amount of taxes.

Resource: How To get a free copy of your credit report….

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