Blogging Strategy: Before You Write Your Blog Post [Infographic]

Blogging is one of the most powerful social media tools. Providing a real opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers and generate traffic, leads and sales.

One of the biggest challenges I hear newbie’s having are questions like..  “Why do I need a blog? How to blog? and What to say in my post to engage readers?”

To create a successful blog, follow these steps:

  • WHY are you writing the blog and what do you hope to achieve?
  • WHO will actually read it?
  • HOW will you structure the blog for success?
  • WHAT will you post that grabs attention and meets your goals?
  • WHAT will you do to make sure that people actually see your posts?

BootcampDigital provided this infographic to give key questions you need to answer when creating a blog and writing every blog post. This is handy information and resource to use when you sit down to write your blog post.

Infographic by
Are you NEW to Blogging and will like to setup a blog for your business? Here is a Step-by-Step Blog Setup Tutorial: How To Start A WordPress Blog

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