5 Steps to Create A Social Media Calendar

Are you feeling overloaded trying to juggle and manage multiple social media profiles?

Social media does not have to be overwhelming.  Get a handle on social media by creating a social media strategy and editorial calendar.  With just a few minutes a day, you can schedule the tasks you plan to do daily with social media. I follow my social media calendar on a daily basis and it saves me a lot of time and frustration.  So, let’s have fun creating your social media calendar.

Why do you need a social media calendar

  • To help better manage your blogs, social channels and content.
  • To help you stay organized and on track.
  • To help you determine what to post and when to post.
  • To help you develop content for your blog posts, tweets and status updates.
  • To help fine tune your online marketing habits


Assuming that you already know your target market and what you are trying to accomplish in your business…let’s dive right into it.

5 Steps To Create A Social Media Calendar

1. Determine which social sites you will use

You do not need to have a presence on all social media sites in order to be effective.  I always recommend my clients to get started with one or two of the top social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.  It all depends on where your target market is hanging out on a daily basis.  Choose the pond you will like to fish and create a strategy to position yourself and your marketing message.  If you find that a social site is not working for you, then spend less time on those sites and focus your time more on what is working.  Use your best judgement.

2. Choose your content creation days

I designate certain days to write out my blog post and status updates for the following week.  You can save yourself a lot of time when you plan ahead.  A good strategy would be to create at least 2 pieces of content a day to share across your social spaces.  It can be in the form of a video, blog post and email broadcast.

3. Decide how often you plan to post and share content

When creating your social media calendar, be strategic.  Map out how many hours per day you plan to spend on social media marketing.  How many times per day/week do you plan to post updates.  Create content that is interesting, helpful and informative.  Also, share personality related content to help build your following.

Example social media strategy:

Twitter:  Post at least 5 times a day sharing valuable information. (Engage, Post retweets of relevant content, Post thank you for RT’s, Share your promotions and your blog post.  Remember, that social media is about building relationships and engaging. So, be careful not to spam people. That is a great way to get unfollowed.

Facebook:  Decide how many days you plan to update your Facebook business page.  Make your business page interesting and entertaining.  Post valuable content and also add personality related information.

Blogging:  To keep your website fresh with new information, create blog content at least once to three times a week.  If you are using WordPress, you can schedule your blog post to go out on a later date and time.

4. Create a Theme for the week

You social media calendar will help you create topics to write about and content to share.  It is always good to stay current with what’s working now.  For example: you can share content based on a word or phrase for the week, seasons, holidays, and trends.

5. Use a Social Media Management Tool

A cool way to manage your social media platforms is by using tools.  I am currently using Hootsuite to schedule and manage multiple social media profiles.  Once I plan my social media calendar for the week, I then schedule my blog post and updates to go out on the scheduled days and times. (Of course, most of my personal engaging tweets and replies are done in real time.  But some quotes and relevant shares are scheduled through Hootsuite).  Great tool.

Click to learn “How to Manage All of Your Social Sites in One Place” using Hootsuite.

Create your social media calendar and stick with your plan. Consistency is key.  Just have fun building your business using social media.

Simple tools you will need to help create your social media calendar:

  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Google doc / Google calendar
  • Hootsuite
  • Content

Click here to view sample copies of social media editor calendars done by the ElkayAdvisors.

How do you manage and stay on top of your marketing using social media?  Share your comments below.

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