5 Easy Steps To Make Money Online

In order to make money online, you will need 2 main things: Something to sell and a Way to sell it.  I call this your vehicle and your engine.  Your vehicle is your product or service and the engine is what makes your vehicle move, which is your marketing strategies. Just like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have one without the other. 🙂

5 Easy Steps To Make Money Online

Identify Your Strengths

Building a successful business is the biggest game you will play when it comes to making money online.  Find your sweet spot and play the game that favors your strengths. This will include your natural born talents, experiences, education and skills.  You will have a huge advantage doing the things you were wired to do really well.

Know your audience

Choose a niche market that is super interested in your topic and that are already buying what you have to offer on a frequent basis.  This is a great way to make money online a lot faster. You are in business to make a profit so be careful not to treat your business like a hobby. Choose a business model based on your strengths and not just your interest.  Know your audience and provide them with the solutions they are looking for.

Something to sell and a Way to sell it

You can either create your own products or sell other people’s stuff, which is called affiliate marketing.

Once you are clear on the vehicle you will use to make money online, you need a way to showcase and sell your products. Create a website and add a shopping cart system to accept payments such as Paypal or 1shopping cart. You can also create a squeeze/sales page and drive traffic to your offer.  If you are doing affiliate marketing, your marketing materials should already be included which will make it easier for you to just start promoting right way.


Once you have all of your products and systems set in place, it is now time to let people know that you are in business.  No one will know that you exist if you do not drive traffic (people) back to your website or offer. Now, I’m not just talking about any ole’ traffic.  You want qualified leads and potential prospects that could lead to more sales. Since the online business world seems to be a crowded space these days, it is wise to use multiple channels to get your message out there and point your targeted traffic in the right direction.  In my opinion, one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive traffic to your website and offers is by using social media.  Other ways to drive traffic is by blogging, search engine optimization, solo ads, paid advertising, joint ventures, blog commenting, just to name a few.


Focus on the things that will help you get to your goal.  Try not to spend too much time on non-income producing activities. Be crystal clear on what your next steps are.  Successful entrepreneurs are strategic and are focused on making a profit.  Every action should be focused on your target market and your marketing message.

I hope that these 5 steps to making money online has been helpful tips.  Although these are just a few steps, there are tons of other ways. I would love to hear from you, share your comments below.

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