10 Ways to Attract Targeted Clients

10 Ways To Attract Targeted Clients

 “Targeted”…  well what does that word mean actually.

Before I sat down to write this post, I pulled out my handy thesaurus to look up the word target.  I know that many of you A+ students out there are just rattling off the definition and may be shaking your head saying…Duh. Because target is such an easy word to define right? 🙂

But seriously, I found that the word target means to aim or to set a goal, objective and purpose.  As a business owner you must be creative and strategic about how you are going to “Grab the Attention” of your target audience and ideal client.

I don’t know about you, but I like to put all of my focus and attention targeting people who are actively searching for what I have to offer.

10 Strategies that you can implement right away to attract targeted clients & customers….

1) Decide Who You Want To Target  

Trust me on this one, your target market is not everybody.  Once you make it clear in your marketing message about what you do and who you are looking to work with, then your prospects will actually pre-qualify themselves.   No need to waste time sifting and sorting through leads that do not have an interest in what you have to offer.  You will thank me later for saving you tons of time on your marketing efforts.  Learn your market then lead with value.

2) Be Authentic

Be real. Be unique. You do not have to do things like everyone else.  I learned this the hard way.  Find your lane then ride it till the wheels fall off.  Simply be yourself and you will attract the right people that you are meant to serve.  

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3) Create a Blog  

Now, if you are a business owner and you have not got this piece of the puzzle done yet, what are you waiting for?  In today’s market place, it is almost a necessity for you to have a presence on the web (other than social media platforms). You need something that you own and have total control. Your blog is your home base online and a great way to attract targeted clients back to you when using social media. Yes, social media is great…. but,,,  remember that you do not own those platforms. Having control and ownership is key.

4) Use Social Media

Social media is one of my favorite organic ways to build a global business.  Almost all biz owners & brands are using social media on a daily basis to get more traffic, generate leads, and more exposure to their business.

But, you do not have to be on all social networks.  Find out the platforms your target audience is actively on, then position yourself and your offer right in front of them. Create your social media strategy to engage, educate, and inspire. Add a little entertainment now and then. We all love fun, right? 🙂 Use social media to network and make connections. If done right, the sales will come.

5) Use Content Marketing & Catchy Headlines

Content Marketing: Every piece of content that you create should be magnetic, sizzling and benefit-driven headlines to entice people to stop and read. Your “target” audience / client / customer is not everyone. So, craft your content to speak directly to the people you are trying to reach. On social media, help them find your content by using relevant hashtags…. this will increase your visibility.  In business, this will help you better serve your customers. And, will definitely save you a ton of time, money, and effort when not trying to be all things to everybody. Know your audience. Also, use this strategy in your emails to increase the open rate. Read: Types Of Content To Create

6) Do FREE Webinars

This is a great way to build your list quickly filled with targeted prospects.  Use this tool to provide valuable information and to also show your expertise. This will also give your targeted clients a chance to get to know, like, and trust you.

7) Be Helpful & Solve Problems

Do you have a passion for helping others?  People follow leaders who have their best interests at heart.  Your passion will show in everything you do.

8) Story Telling

Share your amazing story. People identify and connect with you through your story. Share your story of what inspired you to start your business. How was your journey to getting where you are right now. You can attract people who are where you were before and now want to be where you are now.  They will be confident that you will be able to help them since you overcame your challenges and became a success story.

9) Stay Current and On Top of Your Game

Technology and marketing techniques are constantly changing.  Your business has to stay current and updated with the latest trends.  Social media is a perfect example.  It is a whole new way that we are communicating with each other and how we do business.

10)  Follow Up

This is where a lot of business owners miss out.  They do not have a follow up system in place so that they can build relationships, provide valuable information, then convert their prospects into clients & sales. There are many different mean of communications….. Email, Phone, Skype, Postal Mail, In person meetings.
But, for automated-follow up systems….Setup an email marketing system such as ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp, InfusionSoft…… so that you can stay in touch through autoresponder sequence messages.


Hope that this has been some helpful tips.


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