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Have you tried Google Helpouts? Google Helpouts launched in November 2013, and is opening up a new avenue for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and expertise over live video. The video-chat functionality, based on Google Hangout, is designed to connect experts in a variety of professional fields with consumers for one-on-one help and advice in any subject area ranging from home gardening to fitness or even help on buying decisions for the right shade of blush. Though many people offer their services for free on Helpouts, others charge per session, by the minute or by the hour. You have the total control to set your own available hours and manage the request. “Real help, Real time, Real people”.

Google’s goal is to help people help each other. Helpouts is a great way to build your brand and make money online offering your products and services.

How can businesses monetize their expertise and benefit from Google Helpouts….

So how can this help home business owners grow their online business?  This is a great way to share your skills and expertise, connecting directly with your customers/clients one-on-one, Face to Face over live video.  Share what you know by giving Helpouts.

Potential clients and customers log in to Google Helpouts seeking for services offered by businesses in a particular subject area of expertise.  This means that you can use Helpouts to promote your services and make money. Whether you provide cooking lessons, virtual tutoring, makeup tips, yoga lessons…. customers will pay the fee that you request for one-on-one help. Become a Google Helpout provider to help people and promote your own products in the process. According to Search Engine Land….. Weight Watchers, Rosetta Stone, One Medical, and Redbeacon are all companies acting as providers for Google Helpouts.

By being a Google Helpouts provider, you will also be able to reach a whole new audience. Increasing your chances of getting more customers and consequently more reviews and ratings.

Google Helpouts can help you expand your general brand awareness. How? The platform makes you more accessible to your audience, attaching a real personality to your brand. You can also use Helpouts to develop a new service that can be monetized. This can help you figure out if a new service is viable, or if you need to rethink a strategy altogether.

The way it works is very straightforward.  To get access to Google Helpouts, you will 1st need a Google + profile. Go here to setup an account and Become A Google Helpout Provider.

Of course, Google will take a percentage of any money earned through Helpouts. For now, businesses keep 80 percent of the profits and Google takes 20 percent. Money is exchanged via Google Wallet, Google’s mobile payment platform.

If you have you been wondering what Google Helpouts is all about….
Here is A Complete Guide To Google Helpouts by Martin Shervington. (Very detailed summary that Martin put together)

Are you using Google Helpouts to build your brand, offer your expertise and increase your clients/consumers?  Are you monetizing your expertise, skills and knowledge?  Would love to hear your thoughts,,,  please share in the comments below.


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