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Today on The Erica Mathews Show, I had the pleasure to interview Chilanda Sims.
She is such a powerhouse and phenomenal woman…. based out of Atlanta, Georgia. On a mission to uplift and empower women around the world.

About Chilanda…

  • The First Lady Of The City Of Love Worship Center (located in College Park, Georgia)
  • Inspirational/Motivational Speaker
  • Author Of “Giving Victims Voices” – Journaling To Speak Your Voice
  • Host Of “Overcome Into Overflow” (weekly inspirational/motivational mindset call)
  • The Chilanda Sims Show “Beyond The Frame”
  • Founder Of “She Is Me” Self-Love Box Therapy

Show Notes.

On the show we discussed…

The topic of today’s show: “She Is Me” – Self Love Therapy Subscription Box.

Chilanda shared what the subscription box is:

  • What is “She Is Me”? a monthly subscription service that consist of hand picked inspirational and devotional items. To help women discover and ignite their purpose & passion in life.  Nourish from the inside out.
  • She ship boxes throughout the United States.
  • The boxes are launching August 20, 2017.


Each box includes a unique variety of inspirational items such as: CD’s, Mugs, Personal Space Décor/Accessories, Hand-Made Candles, Scented Oils, Bath & Body Products.

Chilanda website:

“She is Me” -Self Love Box: click here


***Chilanda is also featured in the June/July edition of the Jazzy Creative Magazine.
For more details, visit



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