5 Ways Self-Made Millionaires Become Wealthy -Video by Brian Tracy

By November 7, 2012Personal Development

Have you ever wondered how self-made millionaires became wealthy? Do they have different genes or abilities that allow them to succeed?

Brian Tracy is one of my favorite mentors in the areas of business and self development.  He knows exactly what it takes for people to improve both their businesses and their lives.  In today’s economy, it is crucial to create ways to become financially secure.  If you are really serious about improving your life for the better and achieving financial freedom, I truly advice you to get started right away. No more slacking on your dreams.  Set a goal then find the right vehicle that will help you get there.

To quickly share my own personal story, I got fed up with living paycheck to paycheck.  I was not satisfied with the course that I was on. So, I made a decision to take total responsibility for my own life. I invested time into learning new skills and started learning how to become a person of value.  I discovered my unique gift, created online businesses, and is now using the internet as a platform to share my gifts around the world. If you want to achieve greatness, do not just seek success, but seek to become more valuable.  Because value equals worth. The more valuable a thing becomes, the more it is worth.  Now, isn’t that awesome! 🙂

In Brian’s video, he shares 5 main ways that wealthy people around the world accumulate their riches and how fortunes are made in this country and world wide.


1)  Self own businesses. The primary road to wealth is Entrepreneurship.

2)  Entertainment, sports, authors, the music industry, inventions.

3)  Sales people and sales consultants.  Men and women that are the top sales people in their field.  Very good sales people for their company promoting products and services.

4)  The top 5% of every field such as doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers that earn 5, 10, & 20 percent as much as the average person in that same field.  They became very good at what they do and they rise to the top of their professions.  (80/20 Rule)

5)  Senior Executives.  10% of wealthy people are men and woman that join large corporations that has tremendous potential. They work with that company for several years until it became successful. (Example: Look at all the millionaires of Facebook that cashed in on their stock options.  They worked with Facebook when they were a small corporation then Facebook went public,,, cha-ching).


The way you think about money will determine how much of it you will make.  Your attitude toward money affects your ability to achieve financial freedom and become wealthy. Your attitude is under your control.  So, develop a winning attitude and NEVER quit.

You can get started on your dream by studying and getting educated about your industry. Become a master at it.  Surround yourself with the right people that have the same interest that you do.  Learn from others that has already accomplished the things that you want to pursue.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

My primary vehicles on the road to creating financial freedom falls under the category of entrepreneurship, network marketing and online business.  If you have a desire to become a self-made millionaire, share some of the ways you plan to create wealth.  If you have already accomplished that goal, share some of the ways you got there.  Leave your comments below.

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Erica M

Erica Mathews is an entrepreneur, business coach & marketing trainer. Founder of Jazzy Entrepreneur and Jazzy Biz Academy. She works with business owners to leverage social media & online marketing tools to grow their business & brand online. Grab-->Free Resources and Trainings

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  • Pamela says:

    Great post Erica. Brian Tracy is a great teacher on success. I am also using the internet to build businesses and create wealth online. Thanks for the insight on how to focus more on becoming valuable then the rest will take care of itself. Great article.

  • Helen says:

    Brian Tracy is also one of my mentors. He has given me so much information on personal development. I enjoyed your post and take inspiration from what you are doing as I start on my own business journey.

    • Hello Helen! Following great leaders such as Brian Tracy has really helped me improve in life and business. I found that personal development is key. Thanks for commenting and good luck to you on your business journey. You rock! 🙂

  • Mark Walsh says:

    Enjoyed your post Erica

    I particularly agree with your points about your relationship with money in order to be successful and with regard to association. It’s so important to be around the right people.

    Brain Tracy is a gem. I’ve read quite a bit of his material and always enjoy his content.

    Great post, thanks for sharing

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