10 Ways To Get Traffic & Leads From Instagram

Instagram Traffic & Leads



Instagram is one of the fastest growing visual social sites and is a great source to build connections, increase visibility, drive traffic and generate leads. Social networking has created a wealth of opportunities for business owners. So, this post is for those who are wanting to use Instagram as a marketing tool to attract more customers, clients, and to grow your business.

Since Instagram is a fun and photo based social platform, it is a good idea to post the type of images, content and valuable information that is going to make your target market get inspired, come to life, and take action.

Using Instagram To Drive Traffic & Generate Leads

1) Add your URL link to your Profile Bio

The only place to put a clickable link is in your your Bio below your profile description. When someone wants to know more about you and what you do, one of the 1st places they will check is your bio. So, use this space effectively. This is the place where you tell people who you are and what you offer.  Link traffic back to your website, blog, product, capture page, etc.

2) Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are my favorite marketing tools. To make the best use of your post, add hashtags that are related to your business and target market. This will help increase your reach and visibility. Instagram is driven by keywords… Use tools such as web.stagram.com to search for the top, relevant keywords in your niche. Use 10 to 20 hashtags per post.

3) Comment on other people’s post

There is a way to comment on people’s post without being spammy. Be authentic and sincere about joining the conversation -sharing a nice comment to someone else about their photo. Once you comment, a person will naturally see your profile picture and username then decide to follow you -leading back to your profile bio. People want to connect to real people.

4) Link Instagram post to other social media platforms

Instagram allows you to sync your photos to other social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.  Each time you get ready to post an image, Instagram give you this option. This will help drive additional engagement and traffic. Connect your accounts through the Instagram Settings menu.

5) Watermark your images

Before you upload your images to Instagram, brand your photos & images. Add your website link, your logos or your company name to your photos and images in case your images goes viral. This will drive traffic back to your website and/or offer when other’s share your photos.

6) Have a call to action in your description

When you post an image, tell people what you want them to do next. Add a call to action in your description sending traffic to your offer, business opportunity, blog, etc. When you get someone’s attention for a few seconds, be in control of the relationship and give them a place to go next.(example: “Click on the link in my Bio for more information on How To__” or “Ask them to Double Tap if they found the content useful”).  Always provide a call to action to your Instagram post.

7) Like people’s images

When you follow other people, take a few minutes to scroll down your news feed to like on other people’s images. When I want to get someone’s attention, I go to their profile page…. click on a few of the photos in the top row.  This could possibly get them to follow you back. Also, when you like on people’s images, it gives additional exposure driving traffic back to your username.

8) Send a direct message to your followers

When someone follow you on Instagram, send them a direct welcome message, welcoming them to your community. Give a brief intro of who you are and how you can help them. Inform them to check your bio for more details.

9) Post regularly

When you post on a regular basis, this is allowing you to keep your business in front of your target audience.

10) Share valuable information and tips

Add value to your followers. Share pictures that are relevant to why people are following you and the value you provide.  For example, I share tips and interesting stuff on the topics of Business, Marketing, Freedom LifeStyle, and Inspiration. So, when someone follows me, they will receive value on how to improve their lives spiritually, physically and financially.

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Are you using Instagram to build your business? What are some ways you get traffic and generate leads using Instagram? Please share and leave a comment below.



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